This, my darlings, is a piece of antique we used to call a GameBoy Advance, along with it’s even older friend - Pokemon Yellow edition for the original GameBoy. This was a game from when only Gen1 existed, breeding was unheard of and no pokémon had a gender besides the Nidorans. Oh, and the console’s screen has no light. So you can’t play it in the dark without a flashlight, in which case it’s not dark anymore. 

No but seriously when I was cleaning my room I finally found these beauties and it somehow sucked away 28 hours of my life. And I still have no idea what the hell I’m supposed to do to progress jkhdsfgslkfdhg

But I did gather up a nice team that I absolutely love and completely personalizied and gendered myself because this game doesn’t do that and so I wanted to share it with you guys (~ ´ w `)~

Because it doesn’t show the names of the species on the first, have a short description of each with the genders and natures I came up with

Alvis - Male Kabuto, L46, Relaxed

Arclight - Male Pidgeot, L61, Adamant

David - Male Nidoking, L37, Modest

Bertha - Female Aerodactyl, L30, Hasty

Tara - Female Haunter, L29, Sassy

Nikolas - Male Charmeleon, L20, Timid

Oh and be prepared to see gijinksters of these rascals soon. As well as two ex-members of the team because I feel bad for leaving my Pikachu out wah

Ladies and gentlemen,tonight,we have….
just a little joke and asdfghjklç both are cute >.<

I have no words this is adorable omfg

Ladies and gentlemen,tonight,we have….


just a little joke and asdfghjklç both are cute >.<


I have no words this is adorable omfg

Did you ever watched Happy tree friends?It's funny and my favorite is Flippy

Sadly, I haven’t ;v; When I was little my brother showed me an episode and I of course thought it was just a happy kids’s show, being what, five at the time. 

But then the pink beaver tripped and got into all sorts of trouble with his(?) lollipop until eventually his entire brain got stuck on the tree and I guess that just wasn’t too healthy for a five-year-old’s mental health. 

I recieved traumas from that and because of that one damn episode I avoid the entire series like plauge. Could also be the reason why I suddenly grew to dislike pink skihadjsf I couldn’t handle gore for a long time, but luckily it doesn’t bother me any longer. 

But Happy tree friends still scares me ;u; But I have to admit, I do know some things and I have to say that Flippy is an interesting character! I wish I weren’t so afraid of the series, otherwise I’d watch it just for Flippy hgsdjakg


when u really want to talk about a thing but you know that literally no one cares 


Ok,you do a lot of headcanons about the 7 Yukis,but what about the 7 Hanas?Do you don't like them?

Oh no, I have absolutely nothing against them! Very much the contrary, my dear. Do you think I ship YukiHana and the other Hanas and Yukis for a simple purpose of shipping? Pffft, no. I love the Hanas, and I highly doubt that will ever change.

But no, I don’t dislike any of them. YukiHana along with the rest of the Yukis/Hanas ships are still among the top of my OTPs. The reason I myself don’t do headcanons is because Dei has taken the Hanas under her wing and does such amazing headcanons that I don’t have much to add. 

Besides, while taking care of the seven-of-seven Yukis and developing them further, I’m not really the official headcanon master I’m afraid kjdshfdlkjf. I only do so with the Yukis as I truly like the concept and was slightly upset that there was not more of the six, not to mention they were quite literal recolours of the original Yukiki. No hate on Bechno, of course, but I simply wanted them to be a bit more than that, the same Dei made with the Hanas! 

In fact, it was Dei’s Hanas, headcanons and designs that I was inspiried to make redesigns for the Yukis in the first place. Say what you will, Dei, but you’re still a huge inspiration to me did you like it or not

I do have a few personal headcanons, yes, but I do not see them as something I should just randomly mention without specifically being asked about it. In my headcanon, Hanana is not quite as innocent and fragile as what most people apparently see her as, and instead I view her as a playful, kind and slightly childish woman who loves flowers but is not afraid of teasing someone as long as it doesn’t cause harm. 

But, once again, I have nothing much to add to the other Hanas, so I have not really thought about much headcanons besides minor fluffy activities with their respective Yukis. Hehe. 

If you want to hear proper headcanons about the Hanas, I dearly suggest you pay Deidra a visit! She be awesomeee. 

Hey !


Auto Assembly 2013 is here soon and I don’t have enough money to spend in the actual event. Please go check my commissions info and my art tag. I’m willing to lower the prices. I’m also planning on making 2 posters. Send me an ask if you have questions. Thanks in advance :]

Yo dis here epic person needs help and she does really good robot stuff so go and help her would ya? She’s really excited about this event and I really want her to be able to get there :c 

The prizes are relatively cheap too, and to make some of her prizes more understandable (as they are in euros, not dollars); 

10€ = about 13 USD

3€ = about 4 USD

1€ = about 1,3 USD etc…

The prizes are negotiable too, so go on! c: 

Woop have a messy pic of Candina, the girl that will cause you diabetes before eating your heart. 

I want that dress so terribly

Oh my god you've improved so much and you're back and diabeetus and asjkdfhjkahdfjkhlfk

UWAH tankuuuuu >//v//< 

You’re too kind Anon-kun~

Hmmmm, it's been a year, buuuut...how would you react to more Frost art?

I would spaz and be happy forever

But how would you react if that art came from me DUN DUN DUUUUUN

Are you a girl?or a boy?or a human?

Late respooonseeesss

I’m a female being of unknown origin. 

I love how you classify ‘human’ as a completely different thing, though pfffff—